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Structural Bodywork

Get back to where you want to be physically, emotionally and energetically

By combining my 25 years of experience in Physical Therapy with my knowledge of anatomy and physiology, expert hands-on techniques, and intuitively-guided energy work, I have created an eclectic treatment system called Structural Bodywork.  Each session lasts 60-90 minutes depending on what you needs and goals are.  I begin each session with an interview of the client to determine his/her needs and then quickly examine posture, strength, and function.  From there I will select hands-on techniques from the following schools of thought including but not limited to: from Physical Therapy I frequently utilize McKenzie, Paris, and Mulligan techniques; from Osteopathic I frequently utilize Upledger’s Craniosacral and Somatoemotional Release techniques as well as Barral’s techniques; and from energy work, I frequently utilize Holy Fire Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy and other modalities as needed.  To finish the session, I show you exercises and activities to enable you to self-manage your pain and to help prevent recurrence.   My goal with each session is to show you how to minimize or eliminate your pain and to prevent recurrence, to restore your alignment, and to balance your system energetically.  Structural Bodywork is designed to effectively and rapidly treat back pain, neck pain, TMJ dysfunction, knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain and ankle pain.

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