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What people are saying about
Classes at Platinum Ray Academy:

"Peter is truly amazing and genuine.  I have learned so much and have discovered a great deal more about myself and my journey.  I would highly recommend Peter for guidance and support.  Definitely sign up for the workshops that he offers.  You will be amazed and blessed."

Bessie M

"Peter is an incredible, incredible teacher!  He knows the material and explains everything so well.  I trust him."

Cathy C
Classes Overview

Certification Classes

IET was developed by Stevan J. Thayer to get the issues out of your tissues for good!   IET helps you to safely and gently releases negative experiences and emotions from your past, balances and energizes you in the present, and empowers you to recognize and achieve your soul's mission in the future.

The Melchizedek Method is a complete and powerful healing system with coursework consisting of five levels that was gifted to Alton Kamadon by the Ascended Master Thoth.  Alton was a gifted clairvoyant channel and spiritual teacher who received this holographic healing modality in 1997, saying:
"The techniques in the Melchizedek Method are unique and unlike any other."


Reiki is natural healing technique from Japan that promotes stress reduction, relaxation and healing.  Reiki can be learned and used easily and by anyone.

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Classes
Karuna & Lightarian Reiki Classes

Magnified Healing was introduced to the Earth in 1983 by Lady Master Kwan Yin and the GOD MOST HIGH OF THE UNIVERSE through their Master-Teachers Gisele King and Kathryn Anderson to assist humanity in healing ourselves at multiple levels to enable our ascent into Oneness.

The Platinum Ray is the Eighth Ray of Light for manifestation and for healing.  Introduced to Peter van Twuyver during a Melchizedek Method class in 2011, he began to channel upgrades to the Platinum Ray in 2019 to be able to introduce it to the world as a powerful and effective healing modality.


  • Group Ancestral Healing: Clearing Out the Baggage That We All Carry

  • EFT: Tapping for Everyone

  • Starseeds and Sacred Contracts

  • Manifestation

  • Introduction to the Melchizedek Method

For more information on Mini-Classes, please contact us directly

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