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Take Back Control Of Your Health

Start your Healing Journey with us!

So you have changed your diet, exercised, taken supplements, seen specialists, and you have still not achieved the results that you were looking for. Why? Because you need a proven system that gets to the root cause of your issues, a system that includes Accountability, Comprehensive Assessment, and Guidance from an Experienced Clinician who has had a similar healing journey.

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Why I started this program

I created this program for people who want to learn how to take back control of their health, but feel overwhelmed and frustrated about what to do next.

Our MBE Approach gives you an affordable start to a comprehensive and step-by-step wellness program tailored to your needs and unique situation.  These are the same steps that I took to get started on my own Wellness Journey.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with one single step...

Have you tried everything but still lack the outcome that you are looking for?


Do you have pain, digestive troubles, embarrassing skin problems, fatigue, brain fog, performance issues, and you don't know how to make the right changes in your life?

It's all about correcting the imbalances in all of your systems!  This includes balancing Mindset, Body, and Energy.

There are many layers to your health issues that have accumulated over the years.  These layers need to be peeled back one at a time to get to the root cause.

Addressing your Gut Health can be a game changer for many people, since your Gut affects your Mindset, Body and Energy.

Stop chasing your tail with your health issues and take back control!

In any successful healing program, I believe that there are three Syst to focus on:

(If you're not balanced in these three systems, then you will not fully heal!)
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Mindset chains us or frees us from the stress, pain, and challenges we face in daily life.

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The Body can store a lot of trauma and toxins, but it also has the capacity to detoxify and let go of trauma.
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You are a complete circuit, or should be.  If your Energy System is out of balance, then the rest of you will feel off and healing can be blocked.

You cannot get to the root cause(s) of your issues without addressing all three of these Systems.

When you can get to the root cause(s) of your issues and release the blockages to healing, then healing happens naturally.

It's not just about diets, supplements, and exercise!


My guarantee to you is that my changes, when implemented, will make a big difference in your life. I know that when you take action, you'll get results!

These are the same principles that I have followed day in and day out for the last several years that have enabled me to re-balance my own life as well as the lives of my clients.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don't feel that we are a good fit, or, if you are not completely satisfied, get your money back for the first 30 days!

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“I have been seeing Peter for multiple health issues.  He really digs deep to find out where the core issues are.  I am also a bit of a challenge as things don't necessarily make medical sense with me.  Things that are supposed to make my issues better make them worse and vice versa.  So it has been fabulous that Peter is willing to work with me to get down to the nitty gritty and willing to try different things to help.  He has so much patience with me and my unusual issues.  Thank you so much!"

Karen W, Massachusetts

Why Choose Me?

Peter J van Twuyver, BA, BS, MPT, DPT, RM/T

I have had my own 30-year Journey with Gut Health, including Celiac Disease, Diverticulitis, Food Sensitivities, IBD, Psoriasis, Multiple Fractures, Pain, and more.

Out of necessity, I learned to combine the best of Eastern and Western Sciences and Philosophies to overcome a long list of health issues.

My eclectic and holistic approach focuses on the Whole Person, balance Mindset, Body, and Energy.  I have extensive training in all three of these areas comprising three decades of diligent study and practice.  I practice what I preach to keep me balanced.

Let me share with you what has worked for me

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Comprehensive Intake:

Complete this streamlined process online.  We gain clarity with what is going on in your life and how your symptoms affect you.  Lab testing can be done by you in the convenience of your own home.

Expert Assessment:

A diligent review and analysis of all of your symptoms, core beliefs, toxin exposures, data, tests, mindset, can reveal the root cause of your issues.


Weekly Q & A sessions and monthly one-on-one sessions give you the accountability and consistent access to information that you need to keep you on track.  Working on Mindset and Energy System balance can release deep traumas and blocks to healing.

Individualized Plan:

An individualized plan is created with you with your unique needs and goals in mind.  We recognize that healing is a Journey that takes time, and we walk with you, guiding you step-by-step.

Why wait?  Join us to take back control of your health now!

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