Platinum Ray Healing Classes

The Platinum Ray is now available to humanity for healing and for personal ascension, since healing and ascension are part of the same journey.  It is an upgrade of the Violet Fire or the Seventh Ray of Light.


Platinum Ray Healing Level One Certification-Online/Self-Study

Prerequisites: none

Book One: Foundations of Energy Therapy (FET): Energy Follows Intention  Available Now!

This ebook introduces you to the science behind Energy Therapy.  Topics included are as follows:

  • What is energy?

  • Energy Follows Intention

  • Law of Attraction

  • Mind Power for Healing

  • Location of Pain and Energetic Cause

  • Concepts of Vibration and Frequency

  • Quantum Physics Made Easy

  • and more!

Book Two: FET: The Practice of Energy Therapy (ready by December 2020)

This ebook discusses the following topics necessary to become an Energy Therapist:

  • The Seven Rays of Light and introducing the Platinum Ray

  • Chakras and energetic anatomy

  • Using symbols with energy work

  • Self-care and protection

  • and more!

​Book Three: (coming soon!)

This ebook discusses cutting edge science and advanced theories

​Online Integration Seminar (in production)

This 4 hour online group seminar is a review of the self-study material found in the ebooks.  You will have ample opportunity for question and answer exchanges.  Online learning experiences will help the students integrate and solidify the concepts to prepare them for Level Two: Practitioner Certification.

(Until the ebooks are completed, this seminar will provide you with the information needed to prepare you for Level Two: Practitioner Certification.) 

​Examination and Certification (in production)

Open book/take home examination at your own pace to demonstrate your mastery of Level One material.

Tuition: Cost TBD. Tuition will include all ebooks, Online Seminar, Examination and Certificate from the Platinum Ray Academy

Upcoming Class Dates: Recurring


Platinum Ray Healing Level Two: Practitioner Certification-In-Person or Online (in production)


  • Certification in Platinum Ray Healing, Level One. 

  • Reiki Level One Certification from any Lineage. 

  • Basic IET Certification or completion of Steps to Transformation (Steps 1-7)

Class hours: 10am - 6pm (8 hours)

You will receive an Attunement to the Platinum Ray to raise your personal vibration to its highest level to unlock your innate healing gifts and intutition. Once the Platinum Ray is anchored in your heart chakra, you will be able to use this high vibration 12th-dimensional healing modality to heal yourself and others.  Connect with light beings from the Angelic Realms and utilize their energies for profound and complete whole-body healing experiences.  You will have plenty of practice time to practice distance healing and self-healing to Empower the Healer Within!

Tuition: Cost TBD. Tuition includes course workbook and Certificate from the Platinum Ray Academy

Upcoming Class Dates: TBD


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