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Melchizedek Method: Level  3

May 20-22, 2022
Online via Zoom

Melchizedek Method Level Three

Upcoming Class Date: May 20 - 22, 2022


Prerequisites: completion of Melchizedek Method Levels 1 and 2 Combined.

Hours: 10am to 6pm (8 hours) over three days

Tuition: $705. ($150 due 4 weeks prior to course) includes: course manual, certificate, handouts, and 7 CD set with 17 meditations.

Retake Tuition: $150 without additional deposit. Please bring your manual.

Class Format: Online

Location: Online via Zoom

Level Three of the Melchizedek Method can be described as an initiation into the Kamadon Order of Mastery and the Kamadon Temple of Higher Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom of Unconditional Love of God through the Unity Merkabah of Love.  Those who wish to partake of the third level of this new/ancient wisdom shall regard themselves as Kamadon Masters whose sole purpose is to embrace the greater plan of God for this planet, its people and this Universe.  The Unity Merkabah teachings of Level Three are an encodement to enter into its highest levels.


In this three-day course you will learn the following and more:

  • Activation of the Unity Merkabah

  • Gain access to the Kamadon Temple of Higher Learning

  • Activation of the 33rd Degree Adam Kadmon Light Body

  • Manifesting through the Unity Abundance Meditation

  • Learn Level Three Daily Routines

  • Activate your own Timekeeper Crystal to be used in your healing work

  • Meet the Kamadon Grand Master and the 144,000 Melchizedek Elders

  • Initiation into the Order of Kamadon

  • Attend Melchizedek University in the Pleiades

  • Learn Kamadon Healing Techniques

  • and more!

After completion of this course you are certified through the Kamadon Academy as a Level 3 Practitioner.


"I recently completed Melchizedek Method levels 1 & 2 training with Peter van Twuyver. I have been interested in this training for a few years, but it never seemed to quite work out for me. September 2020 I guess was the perfect timing! The energies and healing received through the course’s meditations are incredible. Even though I was participating through zoom, I felt every single one of them in my energy field and in my physical body.


Peter makes the class fun. He definitely knows the material, and with his other backgrounds in his life, he is able to provide additional perspective beyond what is in the book. 


I look forward to offering Melchizedek Method healing sessions to my clients. And I highly recommend gifting yourself this training from Peter"

Linda H./Student/September 2020

The Melchizedek Method Levels 1 & 2 Combined Class was an eye-opening experience.  This healing technique used guided meditations and intricate visualizations to open the student to healing and growth.  This class not only touched on ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Celtic mysticism, but also the Kabbalah and more.


I received amazing healings during this class and took home an illustrated manual and CDs which were copies of the guided meditations so that I can practice at home.  This class created massive shifts in my energy, opening the doors to healing and spiritual expansion. 


Thank you, Peter, this class was supremely enriching.

LR/Student/May 2021

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