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Carefully crafted and tailored to your needs, we offer individual or group meditations either online or in person. Guided meditations help with self-healing, mindfulness, removing blockages, stress relief, achieving goals, and much more.

Meditation by the Sea

Guided Meditation

Relax and let go!

Mediation is a great way to quickly relax and release the stress of the day and of the world in which we live.  Structure your meditation to last 15-30 minutes.  Choose from the following types of meditations or just allow!

  • Empowerment

  • Manifestation

  • Healing and Healing Requests

  • Relaxation

  • Release of:

    • Stress

    • Anger

    • Resentment

    • Fear

    • Grief

    • Negativity

    • Procrastination

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