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Astrology for Life-Path & Purpose, Balance, Career, Relationships and More

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Know thyself

Who are you and why did you come here? 

What are your innate gifts and how do you incorporate them?

What are your challenges and how do you best overcome them?

Begin your journey of self discovery today and find out how.

By knowing and understanding who you are, you're empowered to take control of your own destiny and overcome life's challenges with grace and gratitude!

Ka Astrology Services

All readings can be in-person (local) or via Zoom or telephone call. I utilize the true sidereal system of astrology, but may incorporate some Hellenic, tropical western and ancient alchemical perspectives into the reading as well.


You just need to know your birthdate, exact time and place of birth for an accurate reading.

Focused (45 minutes)
Natal chart only


Targeted reading based on your natal chart includes:

  • Karmic/past life/soul purpose

  • Blocks, challenges and problems

  • Ego & soul complexities/identity

  • Partnerships/marriage/dating

  • Health/healing

  • Gifts and talents

  • Family/friends/children

  • Work/career/financial

  • Education

Full Life (2 hours)
Natal chart plus 1st & 2nd Saturn returns


Full-life reading to address all areas of your life including:

  • Karmic/past life/soul purpose

  • Recurring blocks, challenges and problems

  • Ego & soul complexities/identity

  • Partnerships/marriage/dating

  • Health/healing

  • Gifts and talents

  • Family/friends/children

  • Work/career/finances

  • Education

  • Past, present, future

  • Other by request


About Kimberly

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Kimberly Anne van Twuyver/Ka Astrology:

Intuitive, Empath & Astrologer
Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner
BA in English/World Literature
Minor in Philosophy

A profoundly spiritual, out-of-body experience at the age of 15 was the catalyst that ultimately led me to astrology and astrotheology. I had endured a series of traumatic events within a very short-period of time that caused me to suffer a painful, existential crisis. At my lowest point, my consciousness left my body and into the presence of a light being that I believed to be God. When my awareness returned back into my body, I remembered trying to grasp what had just occurred. I felt it was real, loving and powerful, but I couldn’t comprehend it. This life-changing experience thrust me onto a spiritual journey for truth and a desire to understand God, the universe, nature and where we as people fit into it. I became a seeker.

In college I focused my studies on world literature and philosophy. First learning ancient Greek and Roman mythology and then expanding my studies into the eastern and European religions, philosophies, ancient art and history. Soon after graduating from college, I studied under the tutelage of  Marc Power, a Hellenic astrologer and astral-projection/remote-viewing teacher. With astrology as his tool, he brought the Greek and Egyptian mythologies and ancient knowledge to life.   When I became ready to use astrology professionally, I studied the nuts and bolts of casting charts and honing my interpretive skills with accuracy through a combination of self-paced video lectures and textbooks, combined with private instruction from  Athen Chementi and his course, Mastering The Zodiac. 


In addition, I spent the past two decades of my life on my own personal growth and transformation. I started by going to various intuitive, psychic development and mediumship classes, then turning to daily meditation where I’d focus on self-healing techniques to heal and purify my heart. As my heart chakra cleared and strengthened, I felt my intuition strengthen too. This practice caused an awakening within me and a deep connection to the divine level of consciousness.  The knowing and understanding I set out to find at 15 years-old was now found within me.  I integrated my new-found awareness and consciousness with astrology, and all the pieces started to come together. I discovered that mythology is the personification of universal and natural energies, and astrology is the science granted to humanity to help us understand the manifestations of these energies through us here on Earth.  In essence, the stars and planets are our teachers that work through all of us. They give us exactly what we need to learn, grow and break free from our karmic chains. They teach us harsh lessons sometimes, but it’s the hardest lessons in life that promote the greatest growth.

Astrology gives us our map to “know thyself", the map we all need to navigate our path toward transformation and ascension.  If you are currently unhappy with any area of your life, most likely you are either out of balance, lost your way or you’re being divinely shaken up on purpose. My goal is to help you interpret your map and find the path written for you and by you, to help you discover who you are, and how to utilize your innate gifts to grow and prosper in this world. We’ll look into what your karmic lessons and purposes are, and how you can balance or overcome the blocks and barriers for self-healing and liberation.