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Ka Astrology

Astrology for Life-Path & Purpose, Balance, Career, Health, Healing and More

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Ka Astroloy Services
Zodiac Chart

Ka Astrology - Services

 Natal - $77
(By donation only for students/clients of Platinum Ray Academy)

Approximately  45 Minutes
  • North & South Nodes - (Karma/dharma/life purpose)

  • Balancing challenging aspects

  • Ego & soul complexities/identity

  • Partnerships/marriage/children

  • Areas to consider for self-improvement and growth

  • Work/career/legacy/health/finances

  • Learning and communication styles and considerations

  • Ancestry, childhood, family, home

  • More

Natal, Progressed & Transits - $117  

This reading will give you insight into past influences that may be helping or hindering you, it will look at the influences currently in your life and give you some upcoming opportunities and influences coming your way within the next 2-5 years.

I will focus on your most pressing questions in any areas of your life needing the most attention. 

Approximately 60 minutes
Saturn Return -  $117

In a Saturn return reading, I analyze your natal chart and your first and/or second Saturn return, depending on your current age and your concern. (Saturn returns to the exact degree it was at your birth around the ages of 29, 59 and 89 years old.)


Saturn requires us to be honest with ourselves, to figure out who we are, in what areas we need to grow and what legacy we have to leave to this world. When Saturn returns, it can give us a sense of stress or urgency to grow up, get serious or get focused, and it can be felt even in the years preceding it. ​Saturn returns are the perfect reading if you're being shaken up in life, you feel you need to grow or change somehow, or you want direction or confirmation on your path.

Approximately 60 minutes
Solar Return - $67
Approximately 30-40 minutes

Your solar return chart is calculated by the exact time the sun returns to your natal position. A solar return reading will show you the themes that will likely occur for you from one birthday to the next. 

Targeted - $57 
Approximately 20-30 minutes

Ideal for any one of the following​:​​

  • Big purchase (i.e., auto, home)

  • Business launch

  • Elective surgery

  • Travel dates

  • Wedding dates

  • North & South Nodes - (Karma/dharma/life purpose)

  • Balancing challenging aspects

  • Ego & soul complexities/identity

  • Partnerships/marriage/children

  • Areas to consider for self-improvement and growth

  • Work/career/legacy/health/finances

  • Learning and communication styles and considerations

  • Ancestry, childhood, family, home

  • More

Astronomical Clock

I read Sidereal and Western Tropical systems of astrology  I utilize both systems depending on what your focus and goals are for the reading.

Readings can be live via Zoom, in person or over the phone

I will email you a copy of the chart(s) I use to do your reading in advance. I do not currently offer a written chart report, but I do record the sessions.


Zoom readings:   I will email you the Zoom access information within 12 hours of our scheduled meeting. I will record our Zoom or phone call, and email you a link to download the recording afterwards. 

Phone readings: I do not currently have a reliable method of recording two-sided conversations. I can record my voice and capture yours as best as I can via speaker phone.

Contacting me

I check my emails throughout the day. If I do not respond to you within 24 hours, something is amiss. Please check your SPAM folders, or contact me directly at if you think I have missed your email.

Requesting a reading by email

Please send me an email and include the following information:

  • The type of reading you want to schedule

  • Your date of birth

  • Location of birth (including country)

  • Exact time of birth*

  • Your current location and time zone

I will confirm all of your information with you before I start the reading to ensure I have the correct information.  


*Please note: Even though some birth certificates do not print the time of birth on them, most city/town halls still keep a record of your birth time and will look it up for you by request.  If you still do not have your exact time of birth, I can still do a very useful reading for you based on the date and location.

Payment information

I will email you a link to my PayPal Me account to secure our scheduled reading. Please contact me to work out other methods of payment if necessary.

About me

Kimberly A. /Ka Astrology

Certified Astrologer


Reiki Practitioner

Email me

In college I focused my studies heavily in classical literature and mythology, Buddhist and eastern philosophy, Biblical studies, ancient history, ancient art and symbolism. Soon after graduating from college, I was introduced to astrology and astro-theology from a good friend and teacher.  Years later,  I immersed myself in the science through a combination of professional-level course work and independent study in True Sidereal and Western/Tropical and most recently Alchemical astrology. I continue to study and expand my knowledge in the science today.

In addition to astrology,  I've spent the past two decades on my own personal growth and transformation. I started by going to various intuitive, psychic development and mediumship classes. Through these classes, I learned how to meditate effectively and discern pertinent information from distractions.  Later I learned and incorporated self-healing techniques and modalities to release past traumas and patterns that were blocking me from becoming my highest and best self. By committing to the practice of daily meditation, contemplation and self-care, I eventually felt a tremendous shift in both my inner and outer being. I experienced a great awakening within me and a deep connection to a higher-level of consciousness that strengthened my intuitive skills and heightened my awareness to a level I now consider a gift. 

If you are currently confused with any area of your life, or you're experiencing repetitive negative patterns blocking your way, I can help you find your path, discover who you are, and help you utilize your innate gifts to live your best and most authentic life. Contact me when you're ready, and we'll get started!

"Kim brings her massive education and experience to her astrology work, seamlessly weaving together layers of spiritual systems into a truly holistic astrology reading. I joyfully endorse Kim and her work knowing that she will deeply help whoever seeks her guidance."


~ Annie Botticelli ~ Author, Astrologer, Mentor, Trainer of Heroes

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